Fairness Policies

How will we promote fairness in judging?

NEMBA Committee Structure

The NEMBA Steering Committee will be comprised of several board members from LSW, past administrators of the awards, and community volunteers

Other NEMBA Committees

  • Nominations
  • Publicity/Promotion
  • Fundraising
  • Reading Teams

Reading Team Organizers will maintain a separation between the team members and all other committees and will provide a structured set of rules and judging criteria to ensure consistent and impartial judging for all categories.

  • NEMBA committee members are not eligible to participate on Reading Teams
  • Reading team members will be recruited independent of LSW membership
  • Individuals applying for reading teams will complete an application form to determine their credentials  
  • Team members with any conflict of interest or affiliations with writers who have submitted books will not be eligible to participate on the team for that category
  • All reading teams will use the same judging form to evaluate the entries and select the winners  
  • Team members will not have access to information about a nominee’s membership standing in LSW

Eligibility to Enter the NEMBA Awards

Those ineligible for the NEMBA awards:

  • All NEMBA Committee members and volunteers
  • Reading Team organizers and members
  • All LSW Board members
  • Family members of reading teams are ineligible for awards in the category for which they are judging.  They are eligible in the other categories.

All others including LSW members who do not serve on the board who meet the stated criteria for books are eligible for the awards.