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This directory of writing services is maintained by Lake Superior Writers as a resource for our members and visitors to our website who are seeking a writing mentor, editing or proofreading services, or other writing services. You are invited to contact the individuals listed here to learn more about their rates and how they work with clients.

A listing in this directory is free. If you would like to be listed, please contact writers@lakesuperiorwriters.org. Please include a professional bio, a description of your services, how you wish to be contacted, and your website address. Please keep your listing to 100 words.

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Anne is a freelance editor based in the Twin Cities, with a deep love of the northern part of the state. She graduated with a BA in English from the College of St. Benedict and has been an editor since 2012. With Inkstand Editorial, she helps writers get their manuscripts ready for the next stage, focusing on copy editing and line editing—the nuts and bolts of storytelling. She has experience working with new and veteran authors alike, and enjoys helping them craft their stories on their way to publication. Anne works on most fiction genres as well as creative nonfiction and local histories. She is a member of the Professional Editors Network and the Editorial Freelancers Association. http://www.inkstandeditorial.com

Amber has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English language and Literature, with a double minor in Creative Writing and Professional Writing. An accomplished author, blogger, vlogger, and publisher, she also offers professional fiction editing through her small business, LitLiber – with a focus on developmental and line editing services. For more information (including package details and pricing), visit her website at http://litliber.com/editing-services.