Would you like one-on-one help with your writing?

Experienced writers who are members of Lake Superior Writers are available to assist you as either a Writing Mentor or Editor. Our writing mentors and editors, with their backgrounds and contact information, are listed here.

How can a Writing Mentor help me?

A writing mentor is a trusted counselor or guide who is a writer him/herself and has some experience in helping people in creative writing. A mentor can offer advice on anything from how to begin your novel or article to how to handle a book signing. Mentors can offer valuable education gleaned from their years of experience, offer support during a period of writer’s block and offer suggestions about improving your writing.

What does an Editor do?

An editor can take your manuscript and check spelling, grammar, word usage and other mechanics of your writing. An editor can also note inconsistencies, areas that need rewriting, and suggest cuts or places where more writing is needed.

How does the LSW Editing & Mentoring Program work?

First, you need to be a member of Lake Superior Writers. A one-year membership is only $35: Join LSW here .  After you’ve joined, check out our list of Editors and Mentors List of Mentors and Editors, all highly qualified experienced writers and members of LSW, select one, and contact them. Together you and the Editor or Mentor of your choice will meet, discuss goals and discuss how you might work together. If you choose to work together, both of you will sign the Mentors and Editors AGREEMENT which you can download by clicking on the link.

This agreement will include the hourly rate that you agree you will pay. This agreement does not involve Lake Superior Writers; the agreement is between you and the Editor or Mentor. After this, you’re ready to start setting up a schedule to work together.

How much does it cost to work with a Mentor or an Editor?

Editors may charge up to $35 an hour but have the option of negotiating a reduced price. Mentors may charge up to $25 an hour but have the option of charging a lower price. Either of you may terminate the agreement at any time. The agreement is between you and the Editor or Mentor; Lake Superior Writers’ role is to maintain a list of qualified Editors and Mentors.

How can I become a Mentor or Editor?

We are always looking for people to serve as Editors and Mentors. If you are interested in sharing your talents, please contact us at writers@lakesuperiorwriters.org