LSW Administrator

LSW Administrator Job Description

Applications due by November 30, 2018.

Mail and Email

Postal mail. Regularly check LSW’s mailbox 3034 at the Mt. Royal Post Office and process mail, including membership forms and checks, bank statements, and bills.

Email. Regularly check LSW’s email account and determine response or forward to appropriate board member.


New board members. Provide board member packet to new board members: (Bylaws, Board responsibilities, Conflict of Interest form, Board list).

Conflict of Interest. Distribute Conflict of Interest form to board at each July meeting and get signatures from designated check signers. File these forms in office.

Board List. Maintain board list with contact information and term information.


Requires experience in and/or ability to easily learn WordPress.

WordPress updates. Maintain the LSW WordPress website, making updates/changes/improvements in a timely manner.

Hosting and domain mapping. Manage annual web hosting through Consolidated/Enventis (set up as automatic debit from LSW checking), and WordPress domain mapping annual fee (currently set up to be paid by Gail Trowbridge’s credit card).


Requires experience in WordPress.

Call for News. Send out email from  to full email list requesting news with deadline to submit. Allow a few days before the first of the month. It’s a good idea to also take a look at events posted on the LSW Facebook page to make sure these events are included.

Editing. Organize and edit submissions in Word to fit LSW’s style.

WordPress. Knowledge of WordPress is required, including some understanding of coding. Follow the style and formatting established on site. Once the newsletter is finalized (have one or two board members should review it) the newsletter is posted on LSW website.

Notification to email list. Once the newsletter is posted, copy the link and send out email to everyone on list that the newsletter is ready to read.

Facebook notification. Create a post with link on LSW’s business Facebook page.

Follow-up. It’s a good idea to check the email a few times over the next few days after the newsletter has gone out; if there’s an error or problem, we can make corrections, if needed.


An understanding of creating and editing Excel spreadsheets is required.

Mailings. Coordinate with the LSW Membership Committee to have materials ready for the annual membership mailing in the spring, and a reminder mailing to lapsed members each fall. This includes preparing the Excel spreadsheet, printing labels, writing the letter, photocopying, stuffing and mailing.

Paypal. Manage LSW’s Paypal online account, review membership payments notifications received at LSW email address, distribute funds to LSW’s checking account from time to time, and record deposits in QuickBooks as Membership income, and report transfers to board at monthly meeting.

Other Administrative Duties

Filing. Keep the LSW office organized and in good order. Create and maintain files.

Supplies. Order stamps, stationery, membership cards, and other materials, as needed.

Board Meetings. Attend monthly board meetings.

Password/login list. Maintain and update the password list for email accounts, Consolidated/Enventis, insurance provider, Paypal, WordPress, IRS, Minnesota Secretary of State, P.O. Box and more.

Keys. Keep track of who has keys to the office.

Desired qualifications

Passionate member of the writing community (or desire to join the northland’s writing community), proficient in email, Excel and WordPress.

Please email your resume and a paragraph of intent to with the subject line: [Your Full Name] Administrator Position Application