2020 Writing Contest Winners


A celebration of uncertainty

Lake Superior Writers 2020 Writing Contest

Poetry – 67 entries

WINNER: Jess Koski, “Did Geronimo Send Postcards from FL?”

Runner-up: Tina Higgins Wussow, “This is How Scars are Formed”

Short fiction – 20 entries

WINNER: Jess Koski, “Onaabani-giizis—Hard Crust on the Snow Moon”

Runner-up:  Vickie Youngquist-Smith, “Autumn Shadow of Death”

Short-short fiction – 14 entries

WINNER: Vickie Youngquist-Smith, “Domestic Duplicity”

Runner-up: Lynn Watson, “But Officer”

Creative nonfiction – 16 entries

WINNER: Eric Chandler, “I Have No Idea”

Runner-up: Chris Marcotte, “Holding Hands with an Angel”

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